MB Real Estate consultants is a full service Real Estate renovation and marketing company.  We work with investors from the beginning to end, from researching phase, purchase, design, renovation, staging, marketing, contract & sale negotiations, all the way through closing!  Our primary objective is to identify profit potential in underlooked properties by transforming them into fabulously updated dream homes.  We not only make your projects more profitable, but create homes with unique identity. We are not your cookie cutter, factory type renovators.  We do not take the same design selections and apply them to all properties. That process may work for some, but for many more, had they taken just a bit more time or money tayloring the design/layout to the actual property, much more money could have been made.  All homes, just like people, are different, the work needed on one home will be different than another, but the design selections will also be different.  Maintaining character in a home, or creating character in a home by highlighting features buyers want, is what makes the difference between a home sitting on the market and/or selling for less than it could have and a home that pushes the pricing and desirability up, selling for more money and faster.  There is no sense in rushing through a renovation project using an “all the same” approach, just to have the home sit on the market longer and sell for less money.

Having over 10 years  experience working with architects, general contractors, material suppliers & subcontractors gives us an edge over your everyday real estate agent.  We understand the complexity & the timelines needed for renovation projects.  We know how all of the choices you make will affect the value of your home.  Whether we’re helping with selections for a home you plan to live in for a while, or if you are investing in a “flip”, we know where to focus attention in order to get you what you want. Whether your goals are for making the most money the fastest or if they are in making the home your “own” now, while also keeping resale value in mind for the future. Being Realtors, we understand what buyers want, how they want to live and how much money they are willing to spend in order to get it. Having a natural talent for design, we know what styles are on trend now and keep tabs on what’s coming down the pipeline.  By connecting real estate to design and understanding just how important one is to the other, we use that to your advantage, like very few other are able to do. We are confident in our ability to  help our clients make the right decisions, that lead to intelligent, cool and profitable investments, short term and long.



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