Charlotte has been my home for almost 15years now (I’m originally from NY state, think closer to Canada than NYC).Fr 14 of those years, I have worked in Real Estate. You could say I have an affinity towards older, run down homes that need some TLC (I live in a 110 year old home myself), however, I get a kick out of helping people with any real estate transaction!  Whether the transaction involves a high rise condo, a 50’s era ranch,  lake front cottage, falling down shanty, apartment building, empty lot, a newly built home in the country or the middle of the city…You name it, I have probably sold it, helped someone buy it, designed it, staged it, or consulted on/managed the renovation of it.

No matter what kind of transaction I am a part of though, my approach to real estate is simple: work with people you like, help them find or create beautiful homes and make sure we’re all making money!! (and while we’re at it, have fun doing it). =)

People make money in all kinds of ways in real estate. I personally choose to do it by working with people who see the value in making old things beautiful again vs tearing them down… with people who care about how their investment choices may impact other people and communities vs solely about lining their wallets… and with people who are just plain fun to be around…because life is just too short for anything else. =)

So, if you are in line with the above, then we’re probably meant to work together!  Now let’s get to having some fun!

If you’d like more deets on some of the projects I have worked on, click on the link below. As of now, unfortunately, it’s a little out dated (I am working on adding newer projects), but you’ll get an idea of some of the first renovation projects I designed, managed, staged and sold.

Click here to check out my renovation portfolio.

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