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Fantastic Bungalow, Old Charm with Modern Finishes.

This home had a lot of old details and appeal that we wanted to accentuate in the renovation.  We refinished the floors, installed new appliances, new fixtures, new faucets, new vanities, and had some great results.  Check out the before and after photos.

The living and dining room was covered in wall to wall carpet.  The first thing we did was tear it out!!!  Underneath were the original hardwood floors.  We refinished them and they turned out wonderful.  The dark stain of the floors really brings out a lot of personality in this older home.

The bathrooms had a dated look with the vanity, color, and faucets.  We replaced the vanity, and installed something more sleek and trendy.  We also re-tiled that bathroom, and it came out great.  Generic tub inserts don’t hold a candle to custom tiles!

Never estimate how a little change can make a big difference.  In the office we painted the desk and built in shelving a different color, and it created a great contrast that added a lot to the room.

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