MB Real Estate consultants is a full service Real Estate renovation and marketing company.  We work with investors from the beginning to end, from researching phase, purchase, design, renovation, marketing, sale negotiation, all the way through closing.  Our primary objective is to find profitable potential homes in Charlotte, and on a budget transform them into fantastic updated dream homes.  We not only make your projects more profitable, but we expedite the process.  Our experience with project management and conflict resolution allows MBREC to finish on time and on budget.  We worry about all the small stuff, put your ducks in a row, and make you money!

Choosing the right design for a property and builder are incredibly important .  A bad floor plan can be horrible in terms of making a comfortable living space as well as property value.  MBREC will work with you through each step of the process from picking the right contractors, to the best designs and floorplans to meet your needs.  MBREC relationship with architects, general contractors, material suppliers, subcontractors are top notch.   MBREC will help you put together a winning team, and set your next project up for success.

MBREC can provide realistic estimates on costs, complexity, and timelines for a project in the North Carolina market.  We are confident in our ability to advise our clients and help them make the right decisions that lead to intelligent investments.

Some projects have a lot of work involved and the budget doesn’t allow for everything to be done.  MBREC can tell you what will make the biggest impact dollar for dollar.  We strive to give our clients the highest return on investment on every project.  When deciding what should be done and what should be cut, expertise can really effect the bottom line!  MBREC has years of experience prioritizing, and rationalizing your wish list and will help you design the best home for your money.

Renovations can take a giant amount of time—something that’s in short supply for a busy homeowner or investor. It’s said that an average job demands 15,000 decisions.  In the role of a project manager and supervisor, I take a large amount of that burden off you.  MBREC represents your best interest during every stage of the renovation and marketing process, and allows you to concentrate on key decisions.

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